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    Problem with Chkdsk, bad drive?

    orry is this is in the wrong place.

    My computer has two hard drives. The good main one and the 'going bad' one that I only use for extra backup. It has 900GB of free space that I didn't want to lose.

    When I turned my computer on this morning all of the sudden it wanted to do a Chkdsk scan. The scan got stuck. I didn't even know that was possible. So I listened to google and did a sfc/scannow. No problems there. Then I did Dism/online/cleanup-image/restorehealth. I got error 87? I looked that up but didn't really understand what I was reading there.

    Then the site recommended a third party partition program. I downloaded and ran the free
    rial. I figured that would fix the error 87 I got. I guess it didn't. The computer still wants to do the Chkdsk every start up. At least the scan goes through and it doesn't get stuck anymore.

    Now because I'm having trouble I wanted to back up my stuff to my external hard drive. When I opened my computer I saw that the internal bad extra drive doesn't show up. So I figured out the problem but what do I do about it? Is that drive just officially dead? It seems odd that it would die all of the sudden. Since I barely opened it. That's electronics for you I guess.

    I have Windows 7 if that matters. Thanks for reading.

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