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  1. Keeping SSD (boot drive) running in Sleep mode Windows 10!!

    I currently have a total of 3 drives install in my machine. One SSD as my boot drive and 2 HDDs. I usually put my PC into sleep mode when I am not using it for some hours. What I want is to keep the...
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    Windows 10 Installation Problem!!!

    I am trying to install Windows 10 on my new PC but when I was going through part of the setup to link my phone, the screen went black then came on a few seconds later but it is now stretched...
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    Question about buying a computer.!!

    I need a super basic computer that I can cruise the internet (play fantasy football & check email), save a bunch of Adobe files and edit word documents. I don't want to play games or produce the next...
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    Cryorig coolers disappearing???

    I remember their coolers being really popular (most notably the H7), but now almost all of them are seemingly either out of stock for months, grossly overpriced, or not even showing up in retail...
  5. Any known of a "TV remote control" but for PC???

    I have my PC plugged in my TV and I want to have a remote control that I could remap the keys to go to the next episode etc on my computer. I'm currently using my xbox 360 controller to do that but...
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