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    Problem with Chkdsk, bad drive?

    orry is this is in the wrong place.

    My computer has two hard drives. The good main one and the 'going bad' one that I only use for extra backup. It has 900GB of free space that I didn't want to...
  2. Came home to find PC off; won’t power back on again!!

    Hey all,

    I have a Windows PC that I built 3-4 years ago, it has worked more or less perfectly over that time and I’ve had very few issues with it. I can list all the specific specs but for the big...
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    Some Observations on SSD bit rot!!

    Since the Samsung 840 SSD, circa 2013, we have observed bit rot on TLC SSD drives. A few bits "evaporate" with time (faster when warmer). The SSD controller can ECC correct these error bits when...
  4. Getting rid of pc for laptop, is it worth it?

    I have a custom PC my brother build for me around 2014 when I was in college. Without being near the pc the specs are, to the best of my memory...: MSI twin frozr ii 5830 AMD Fx 8350 8gb ram 1tb HDD...
  5. GRX-Karte mit extrem hohen Boost-Geschwindigkeiten

    Habe mir eine alte Karte für leichte Spiele besorgt. Bevor ich es wusste, fühlte ich nach einer halben Stunde meinen Desktop und es lief ziemlich heiß. Ich überprüfte den msi-Nachbrenner und stellte...
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